Bitter Sweet

The last two weeks have been so hectic and I've hardly sat to organise anything! I've survived another three daughters birthdays, shopping trips to London, meals out to celebrate and the sad

Keeping Positive

news that my lovely father-in-law has started his chemo for lung cancer.

We had celebrations and sadness as the reality dawns on us once again as a family that nothing lasts forever, and we will continue to grab every moment with both hands. I don't really want to dwell on it on here but he is a big part of our family and I will continue to love and support him always.

Moving on to the business front we have some really exciting news!!

We have spoken to two lovely Sales Agents in Scotland and Yorkshire and they're both looking forward to promoting Chilli Cards in their area. This is the most amazing news for us as a small start up business and gives us the confidence to keep bringing out new and exciting ranges for our lovely customers sooner rather than later. And thats where I am now. Writing more poems and creating more lovable characters we can all relate to, our 'Professions Range'. Thirty new cards with poetry for 'The Personal Trainer' to 'The Musician' so look out for them soon!

We have also been featured in the Progressive Greetings magazine with our beautiful 'Uplifting Range' and received an email asking if we would like to feature in Greetings Today. We are stoked! So many rewarding treats for Chilli Cards and we can't wait to share our cards with everyone.

Moving on to my wonderful daughter and business partner Chanel, she is currently jigging the trade pages on our website to create a more seamless process of ordering. With her passion and determination she keeps me from buckling at the first hurdle. So, as we long out our dog walks in the morning and talk everything from life to business, I reflect on how far we have come on this journey and want to thank her for being there with me always.

Hopefully, it won't take as long before doing another blog post as we slowly approach September and the routine should be more stable.

Love and Light always

Trudy xx


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