Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Hey, I'm Trudy

I have been writing poetry from as early as I can remember and strongly recall winning a competition at the age of ten. I wrote about, my then, very annoying brother who was thee years my junior. 

I faced many struggles in my first twenty years with the first being anorexia, OCD, bullying and irritable bowel syndrome (not something you thought I would be talking about in a personal bio but what has moulded and made me into the person I am today). The way I would deal with a difficult situation would be to write down a very sarcastic poem about my life at the time. 

My poetry brought many tears to my family but also many smiles as I could laugh at myself and others through verse. I soon realised my talent. I could make people happy by taking the mick out of my situation. I could also get away with being really personal because people could only laugh out loud when I found a rhyme for everything that would always ring true. 

In the years that followed I met and married my husband at the age of twenty and went on to have five beautiful children. I am a very strong and independent woman but bringing up my family took priority. I still wrote as often as I could but I never found the time to become a business woman. 

The last twenty 'family' years have been the hardest. I have two unborn babies in heaven, I lost my mum and brother to lung cancer two years apart and two of my wonderful children have epilepsy, one of which has never been fully controlled. This spurred me on to write more, I have learnt to put my feelings into words and created some of the most hilarious but emotional pieces ever written, by living the life that I do.

I write truthful poetry for real people, after all life doesn't need to be taken too seriously because none of us are getting out alive, are we?

Our blog is a way to reach out and so you to meet the faces behind the poetry. Alternatively, catch up with all the latest news, experiences, tips and tricks in the world of a growing business.

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