It's that time of year.....mess, cakes and Dettol hand wipes!


August bring happiness, sadness, joy and celebration in the household, with three daughters born to this month, and the anniversary of the passing of my dear mum Lesley.

The first celebration is Siana's birthday, she is turning eleven on the 7th. However, do you find that they don't seem to have birth'day's anymore and more of a birth'week'?

Yesterday, I spent the morning putting the final decorations on her cake, walking the dog, running around trying to organise a garden party and forgetting to straighten my hair or get changed. I greeted everyone with open arms, covering them with icing sugar that seemed to make beautiful handprints all over my black top, and random sprouts of hair poking from a very gross scrunchy on the top of my head.

Decorations, music, BBQ and a well deserved waffle bar adorned most of it. It was lovely to catch up with everyone but my OCD was in overdrive. It doesn't rear its ugly head as often as it used to but there is always that one child, who likes to be the centre of attention, isn't really your child's friend but one who lives a few doors away and shouts louder than a foghorn, who will always push OCD to its limits. She wore her dirty great trainers all over my carpet, made more mess than you could ever imagine and didn't have a clue how to use a bin! I was behind her all day, it was stressful but when everyone left I couldn't help but use almost two packets of Dettol wipes to clean everything. I finally got to bed around nine and flopped out. I didn't even have the energy to talk.

And that was the first of four birth'days' for Siana. Monday is the designated 'meal out' day and Wednesday has been chosen to be the shopping in Watford day. Oh, and let's not forget the sleepover to finish the celebration towards the end of the week, when we then fall into Jade's birthday on the 10th.

I will be baking more cake, spending more money, blowing more balloons, cooking more BBQ food and seeing lots of adults bounce on a castle for Jades birthday, and she is turning 25! The only consolation is it will be at her house and I can help organise it without having to worry about the mess. Although, I will be taking a large packet of Dettol wipes with me.

August 12th is the day that my mum passed four years ago. We will always light a candle, spend time with my dad and talk about the times we spent together when she was alive. It still doesn't seem real. She threatened for many years that she was going to run away (she struggled with depression) and I still think that one day she will walk back into my life after taking a few years to heal. If only she did run away, at least I would know that she's still alive. I miss her everyday and August bring with it tears and laughter, in so many ways.

Atlanta is having her birthday on the 20th and that will be the most expensive of all. She will be turning nineteen and we are spending the day in London (OCD nut nut kicks in. From the tubes to the stairwells, the card machines to the public toilets, I will be fighting with my 'dirt' demons all day).

But Atlanta wants to shop, and it wouldn't be a great birthday out if we didn't all shop with her. So, I've been saving for all three birthdays since Christmas, well it feels like it, and August wouldn't be August without birthdays and Dettol, lots of it!

Have a lovely August friends, spend time with those who mean the most to you and laugh always.

Love and Light

Trudy xx


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