Last Few Weeks!

To say the last few weeks have been challenging is an understatement.

What we have achieved over the last few months is crazy! Compared to the last four years of random art designs, small pieces of paper containing poetry strewn over the work surfaces and lots of family brainstorming, we now feel ready to bring it to life. When trying to build this business on a very tight budget, things do get really tricky. Juggling the balls of home/work life has certainly played a big part in bringing this all together, albeit slowly over a long period of time.

So let me just say that we are so excited for what the future holds in store for Chilli Cards and can finally see it coming together.

We are sent many messages throughout our lives showing us an easier way forward. Whether we want to listen to those is another thing. Babies needing attention, older parents having appointments and many other things like medical issues thrown into the mix, can all contribute to us giving up on our ideas or saving them for another day. Sometimes to never be discovered.

But, if we have a passion in our heart to become something more, reach for the unreachable and trust our decisions, then there is no reason why we shouldn't be able to make a living doing what we love.

Over the last few days we have joined the greeting card association and purchased barcodes.

Why or why didn't someone warn me about the laborious task of placing barcodes on every greeting card design. We have currently 280 designs with more in the pipeline. It's been longgggg, and my wonderful daughter and business partner Chanel is hot on it. Sitting at the computer for hours placing codes on every picture we have. In the mean time keeping a close eye on me. Praying I don't start writing any more poems for her to never see daylight again and stay glued to the computer saving, designing and using photoshop in ways that blow my mind.

We had deliberated using barcodes in the short term. Truth is, if we want to break into the retail market then we need them. No getting away from it, so here we are setting the foundations for our future.

Our motto from the start 'go hard or go home'.

It was something Chanel told me when we went to our first event, Top Drawer. We walked around like we had no idea what we were doing there. Listening in on talks, asking every person who gave us the time of day if they had any advice and spending a lot of time in Spotted. Spotted is an area of the exhibition specially designated for new up and coming businesses. After speaking to one lady who had just started up, how she felt about the event she said 'eventful', and 'I haven't made any sales but have lots of new contacts for the future'.

This is when we decided that 'Spotted' was not an area we wanted to start. As much as the advice given is 'start small' it's not where we want to be. It sent my head spinning into a frenzy. I needed to up my game, start with hundreds of designs and write as much poetry as I could over the next six months (well Chanel gave me six months). So that's what I did!

And here we are, just a few weeks away from launching our website. We are opening up for our customers to buy online with an area for wholesale too. The website has been completely designed from scratch by Chanel (I owe her my life) and it's looking fab!

So, as I sit here I want to give thanks to my beautiful family, my wonderful business partner and daughter Chanel (who is currently singing 'I think I'm losing my mind') and the small part of my brain that rhymes with pretty much every word I say.

Sending love and light always!



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