Ordering From Wholesale Online

Your order will be placed with the printers within 24 hours of online sale. This should reach you within 3-5 working days for all UK orders. You will receive a confirmation email with dispatch and delivery details. There is no minimum order online but a delivery and handling charge will be added accordingly. For more information read the Delivery and Handle Charges section below. 

In arranging a wholesale account with us you must confirm you're 18 years of age or over. If you are not then you are not legally capable of having a contract, and we are therefore entitled to cancel orders without providing the goods.  

Lost or Stolen Packages

If you feel that your package has been lost or stolen please contact us in the first instance, and we will endeavour to help you with your enquiry. Alternatively please contact the shipping provider. 

If there are any damaged or incorrectly delivered cards you should notify us within seven days.

Returns & Cancellations

Due to the printed nature of our products, all orders are final sale. Cancellations must be requested within 12 hours of placing your order as we begin production of your order immediately. However, if it hasn't already been printed, we will do our best to change it for you on the same day.  


Terms & Conditions of Purchase with Wholesale Password 

- By filling in the application form online you give us permission to send you an email providing you with wholesale password. This is not a credit account.

- There is no minimum or maximum order requirement online.

- All orders placed online require an immediate payment.

- Postage and Packaging will only apply to orders over £15 if paid for online. 

- Wholesale cards ordered are in minimum packs of 6 identical cards and come with white envelopes.

- RRP for all cards are £2.99 unless stated otherwise.

- All cards will be at current listed prices online in our Wholesale store.

- All cards are 5"x7" unless stated otherwise.

Credit Wholesale Account 

-  Retailers must have an approved trade account with us to have a credit.

To apply for a Credit account please fill out the pdf document via the Trade page and email this to info@chillicards.co

- By sending this form you give us permission to set you up with a credit account. You will also receive the password to our Wholesale site.

- If your account is approved you may place your order over the phone, there is a minimum order limit of £100 with free handling charge. 

- Alternatively you can order online using your password where there is no minimum order requirement however, delivery and Handling Charges will be added accordingly.

- All Chilli Cards will remain our property until they are paid for.

- For all first orders you will need to pay in full and will receive a pro forma invoice.

- For subsequent orders you will receive an invoice on delivery giving you 30 days to pay in full.

Sales Agent

- If you order via a Sales Agent in your area you will receive an invoice on delivery of your goods, giving you 30 days to pay in full.


Delivery And Handling Charges​ For Orders Online Only

Orders up to £100 will have a delivery charge of £12
Orders over £100 will have a free shipping rate. 


 ​- All payments made online are paid at checkout 

- All cheques should be made payable to Chilli Cards

- If you would like Bank Transfer this information will be provided on invoice.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or further details regarding the privacy policy or delivery details. We are happy to help.


T - 07939 571417

E - info@chillicards.co


England, UK


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